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好丽友布朗尼120g/盒韩 国进口蛋糕抹茶巧克力可可味韩国进口食品

好丽友布朗尼120g/盒韩 国进口蛋糕抹茶巧克力可可味韩国进口食品
series Brownies
Taste 2 boxes of chocolate 120g/box of chocolate flavor 3 boxes of 120g/box of chocolate flavor 4 boxes of 120g/box of matcha 2 boxes 96g/box of matcha flavor 3 boxes of 96g/box of matcha flavor 4 boxes of 96g/box of matcha 1 box of 96g/box + 1 box of chocolate, 120g/box of matcha 2 boxes 96g/box+chocolate 2 boxes 120g/box orange flavor 2 boxes 96g/box orange flavor 3 boxes 96g/box orange flavor 4 boxes 96g/box chocolate 1 box 120g/box matcha flavor 1 box, 120g/box
Whether it contains sugar Sugary
Packing package
Whether it is organic food no
Product bar code 8801117539405
Types of pastry Western pastries
Factory name Korea haoliyou Fruit Co., Ltd
Factory site Korea
Contact the manufacturer 13371179566
net weight 120g
Ingredients See packing
Storage method Please store in a cool and dry place
Shelf Life 180
Bags hardness Korea
Food additives Safety food additives
Production Date May 19, 2020 solstice June 22, 2020
Occasion ORION/Holily

    好丽友布朗尼120g/盒韩 国进口蛋糕抹茶巧克力可可味韩国进口食品

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