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统一汤达人方便面袋装日式豚骨拉面125g*5连包 方便速食泡面汤面

统一汤达人方便面袋装日式豚骨拉面125g*5连包 方便速食泡面汤面
Taste 日式豚骨拉面5连包酸酸辣辣豚骨面5连包日式豚骨拉面+酸酸辣辣豚骨面[10包]日式豚骨拉面[10包]酸酸辣辣豚骨面[10包]韩式辣牛肉味5连包日式豚骨拉面+韩式辣牛肉面[10包]酸酸辣辣豚骨面+韩式辣牛肉[10包]日式豚骨+豆腐鱼汤[10包]日式豚骨+原盅鸡汤[10包]日式豚骨+酸酸辣辣豚骨+韩式辣牛肉[15包]日式豚骨+酸酸辣辣+韩式辣牛肉+豆腐鱼汤[20包]日式豚骨+酸酸辣辣+韩式辣牛肉+原盅鸡汤[20包]日式豚骨+酸酸辣辣+韩式辣牛肉+豆腐鱼汤+原盅鸡汤[25包]原盅鸡汤味5连包尝鲜3包日式+酸辣+韩式各一包酸酸辣辣豚骨+原盅鸡汤[10包]酸酸辣辣豚骨+豆腐鱼汤[10包]韩式辣牛肉+原盅鸡汤[10包]韩式辣牛肉+豆腐鱼汤[10包]豆腐鱼汤+原盅鸡汤[10包]原盅鸡汤[10包]豆腐鱼汤[10包]
Imported or not domestic
backpacking style Tangdaren Japanese puffer bone Ramen 125g / pack * 5 Packs
city Hangzhou
province Zhejiang Province
Packing type Bagged
Packing package
Whether it is organic food no
Production license number SC10633019702613
Product standards GB17400
Factory name 杭州统一企业有限公司
Factory site No.301 Sanfeng Road, dajiangdong Industrial Cluster District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Types of rice and noodle products noodles
Contact the manufacturer 4007000660
net weight 375g
Ingredients See outer packaging for details
Storage method Health, cool, ventilated, dry place.
Shelf Life 180
Bags hardness China Mainland
Food additives See outer packaging for details
Production Date 2020 April 1 to April 30 2020
Occasion Unite

    统一汤达人方便面袋装日式豚骨拉面125g*5连包 方便速食泡面汤面

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