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.舟山小黄鱼干即食黄花鱼干500g 香烤小黄鱼办公零食香酥小黄鱼/

.舟山小黄鱼干即食黄花鱼干500g 香烤小黄鱼办公零食香酥小黄鱼/
series Roast small yellow croaker_ VA7hp
Taste 原味250g原味500g
city Zhoushan city
province Zhejiang Province
Whether it contains sugar Sugary
Packing package
Production license number SC12233090300297
Product standards no
Aquatic species Small yellow croaker
Factory name Zhoushan Huarong Aquatic Food Co., Ltd
Special products 烟台小黄鱼
Factory site Zone A, Fengdao Development Zone, Zhanmao Town, Putuo District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province
Types of fish products Dried fish
Contact the manufacturer 17757899806
net weight 500g
Ingredients 小黄鱼,白砂糖,食用盐,味精
Storage method Storage below 25 ℃ should not be affected by damp
Shelf Life 180
Bags hardness China Mainland
Food additives See packing
Production Date March 01, 2020 to March 05, 2020
Occasion Ino Family

    .舟山小黄鱼干即食黄花鱼干500g 香烤小黄鱼办公零食香酥小黄鱼/

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